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Black Phoebe – Reflections of the Pure World

Sayornis nigricans

By Jim Acquire

Study 100 Frequent Valley Birds is a photograph weblog sequence highlighting the 100 commonest Valley fowl species.

Put up #15 within the Study 100 Frequent Valley Birds sequence. (Species 20/100.)


The Black Phoebe is a dapper flycatcher of the Central Valley with a sooty black physique and crisp white stomach. They sit within the open on low perches to scan for bugs, usually maintaining a operating sequence of shrill chirps. Black Phoebes are Frequent Yr-round Residents and conspicuous close to sources of water and round human growth.


Forages by watching from a perch and darting out to catch bugs, usually simply above water. Catches bugs in mid-air, or could hover whereas choosing them from foliage or typically from water’s floor. Might also take bugs from the bottom, particularly in cool climate.


Picture by Alan Vernon

Black Phoebes use mud to construct cup-shaped nests in opposition to partitions, overhangs, culverts, and bridges. Search for them close to any water supply from small streams, to suburbs.


The male Black Phoebe provides the feminine a tour of potential nest websites, hovering in entrance of every possible spot for five to 10 seconds. Nevertheless it’s the feminine who makes the ultimate resolution and does all of the nest development.

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