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Find out how to reduce hen wings

Right here in Australia, hen wings are often offered complete fairly than reduce into drumettes and wingettes. Whereas this recipe can be utilized for complete hen wings, I choose to chop them to make them simpler to eat.

Right here is how I reduce hen wings. The knife simply glides by means of the joints – you received’t must use any pressure or bang the knife together with your hand to chop it by means of. When you get the hold of it, it’s actually quick. It takes me round 2 minutes to chop up 2 kg / 4 lb of wings – and I’m no knife wizard!

How to cut chicken wings
  1. Decide up the drumette finish of the wing and maintain the wing to kind a “V”. Holding the wing this manner stretches the joint open, making it simpler for the knife to glide by means of the joint.

  2. Minimize vertically by means of the joint. Don’t use an excessive amount of pressure, you knife will discover the trail of least resistance as a result of the joint is stretched open.

  3. This right here is your drumette. Named as such as a result of it seems to be like a min drumstick!

  4. Now repeat for the wing tip – maintain it in a “V” to stretch open the joint.

  5. Minimize straight down by means of the bottom of the “V”.

  6. You’ve now reduce the wing tip (the smallest half) off the wingette. And that’s it! You’re executed!

Reserve the wing tricks to make hen inventory…. although in my case, they often go straight into Dozer’s mouth…..

Hen wings recipes

Now – time to make some wings!! Take your decide:



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