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Yoga asanas and Greatest energy yoga workout routines for weight reduction

Energy Yoga, a latest time period which has been popularized by celebs all throughout the globe is nothing however yoga asanas which makes use of a most of the muscle mass within the poses that one takes successfully serving to an individual to extend physique metabolism, relieving stress together with drop a few pounds successfully. Whereas there are many energy yoga workout routines, here’s a listing of the greatest energy yoga workout routines for weight reduction, which one can follow at house:

High Energy Yoga Workout routines for Weight Loss

Weight reduction by means of yoga is pure and doesn’t have unintended effects. Take a look at these yoga asanas and embody them in your workout-

 The Cobra Pose

This one helps one in firming the abs and the buttock area and might be practiced by mendacity down on the ground and maintaining the arms by the chest. The following step is to raise the higher physique portion off the ground and searching up until you launch it shortly.

 yoga asana- cobra pose

yoga- cobra pose

Cobra pose or bhujangasana is likely one of the greatest energy yoga workout routines that you need to embody in your health regime.

The Facet Stretch Pose

One other type of greatest energy yoga train for weight reduction is the facet stretch pose which retains your sides in form. Stand straight and raise fingers up. Now, bend on the proper facet to stretch the proper hand over your head in direction of your proper leg after which repeat the method on the left facet.


The Prolonged Facet Angle Pose

This energy yoga train can also be a good way to shed weight on ones’ sides once you attempt it out frequently. To carry out this, one would want to face straight. Then, flip the proper leg at a ninety-degree angle whereas maintaining the opposite leg straight and in place. The following step is to raise the left hand upwards after which stretch it on the proper finish over your head whereas seeking to ones’ proper. Repeating on the opposite facet as nicely.


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The Seated Ahead Bend Pose

That is one other nice train which may assist one to lose some tummy fats with the utmost ease. To do that, one would want to take a seat straight on the ground after which unfold the legs on the entrance. The following step is to exhale whereas bending the physique in direction of the legs and making an attempt to succeed in the toes with the fingers. After this, one would want to relaxation the pinnacle on the knees until the ultimate launch.

seated forward bend pose is great power yoga exercise

seated ahead bend pose

The Wind Launch Pose

In case one is taking a look at dropping pounds on the abdomen in addition to within the belly area, the wind launch pose is a good energy yoga kind. Right here, one must lie down on the ground after which raise each the legs at ninety levels in direction of your tummy. After which, press the legs in with the assistance of your fingers. Doing it frequently helps to an excellent extent.


The Boat Pose

This weight dropping train kind is nice to drop a few pounds very quickly the place you first want to take a seat with legs on the entrance. The following step is to put the fingers behind the hips whereas the fingers level on the ft course. The ultimate step is to try to raise the legs to make a full forty-five diploma and keep on for a minimum of 20 seconds earlier than launch.

power yoga for weight loss

Boat pose is likely one of the energy yoga workout routines it’s essential attempt!

The Warrior Pose

To follow this pose, one wants to face straight and switch the proper leg at a 90-degree angle. Preserve the opposite leg straight and powerful. Raise and stretch your arms in direction of the highest over your head. Preserve stretching in direction of the proper till your thigh aligns parallel to the bottom. Maintain for 30 seconds and guarantee regular respiratory.

warrior pose or Vir bhadrasana

warrior pose or Vir bhadrasana

This pose helps tone your thighs and shoulders, tightens your quads, improves focus, and enhances weight reduction. Common follow of the warrior pose improves physique steadiness by firming your again, arms, and legs. This yoga pose helps you obtain a flat stomach by contracting your belly muscle mass and firming your tummy as you maintain the place.


The Downward Canine Pose

downward canine pose is an incredible Energy yoga pose!

This easy train tones all the physique and strengthens your again, hamstrings, arms, and thighs. For this train, stand in your arms and knees, making a tabletop place. Preserve your palms beneath your shoulders and knees beneath your pelvic bone. Now, slowly flip in your toes, exhale, and straighten your legs. Additional, maintain pushing your head down, thereby making an inverted V. Keep in mind, holding this place engages and tones your muscle mass, enhances focus, and improves blood circulation. It is likely one of the simplest energy yoga workout routines that you need to carry out.


The Raised Ft Pose

This energy yoga pose enhances weight reduction by strengthening and firming muscle mass of the stomach, thighs, perineal, pelvis, and decrease again. To do that pose, lie down on the ground. Preserve your legs and again straight. Preserve your fingers on both facet with the palms dealing with down.

Subsequent, raise your legs straight up perpendicular to the bottom. You can begin by lifting one leg at a time maintaining the opposite straight on the bottom. As soon as you’re comfy, slowly raise each legs, maintaining them perpendicular to the bottom. Repeat 10-15 occasions for efficient weight reduction.


Whereas advantages of energy yoga workout routines are a lot, a number of the main ones are given under.

  • It helps in efficient weight reduction from the proper locations. A few of the greatest energy yoga workout routines for weight reduction are talked about above.
  • It improves the metabolism of the physique general in addition to will increase energy, stamina, and adaptability throughout.
  • It may be carried out by individuals throughout age teams on account of the truth that it’s low impression with excessive effectiveness.



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